What I need to hear

I need to hear this, which means that someone also needs to hear this. It is okay to grow and change. You are allowed to be bigger and better, to take up space. You no longer need to remain small. Your roots are planted. So grow. Change. Bend with the winds but don’t break. ❤️


Fathers Day gifts

Frida company has came out with kid proof underwear. I seriously thought this was a joke. But upon further investigation, yes the company has released kid proof undies 🤣 I don’t think we will be buying these for Father’s Day.

Happy Socks! I love to give happy socks as a gift. Something fun and functional at the same time. Happy socks range from $3-5 at Marshall’s so they make a great cheap gift to go with something handmade.

A picture of our son for his desk will make a great gift.


My son loves to roll over to his stomach now that he knows how. I love watching him grow and explore his world. It’s amazing to watch him problem solve at Just 4 months old.

However- this mama doesn’t like that he rolls over in his crib and has fallen asleep on his stomach. First time mom anxiety over here. I’m also worried that if he were struggling that due to my hearing loss I wouldn’t hear it.

We woke up at 6am and he was on his tummy sleeping😬 I’m hoping this isn’t a new normal for him. I know some babies this is how they prefer to sleep though.

Feeding Fynn

In a few short days little man will be 5 months old 😬 I have been researching different ways to feed him.

  • Good ol fashion mush and puréed food
  • Baby led weaning
  • A combination of both as I see fit

I am still researching but I am wondering what others have found worked best for them?

My current Favorite

My current favorite baby carrier is the JJ Cole agility baby carrier. We own both the standard baby carrier which is great for long walks and hiking type things. But I feel like is just not as comfortable for Fynn or me at this point. I want to point this carrier out because it has no complicated wrapping, super easy for me to put Fynn in and out on my own and the most comfortable carrier we have tried yet. He loved facing in and being cocooned as a baby (sadly those days are gone) and now enjoys facing out and walking the mall with mama.

If you interested click the image below. Guys, I couldn’t believe how cheap and comfy this carrier was compared to my $200 dollar one.

Diaper Quandary

When I was pregnant and we had our baby shower we also did a diaper raffle. This was a huge success, and I recommend this to anyone who is having a baby shower as diapers will be a part of your life for a few years at the very least.
However, I recently ran into a problem with our plethora of diapers. Some brands run smaller than others. This in itself is not a problem, mind you if I was paying more attention as I was opening diapers I would have realized that there is a nice progression of diaper sizes.

So we use Pampers and Honest diapers the most as they are the brands we prefer. But other brands like Huggies, luvs, and some store brands are also awesome as they are almost in-between sized diapers. So when we move from size 2 to size 3 we will start with the smaller brands to make the transition easier.

Pampers and Honest brand diapers are our go-to diaper brands. They are the brands we got the most from, and the brands we requested on our Amazon registry. They are the diapers you can coupon for(hello reasonably priced diapers!) and they hold the best. Honest brand diapers are my favorite at the moment due to their cuteness. Recently we tried amazon family through our prime membership. This was a game changer for me. 1) I don’t need to remember what diaper size I bought last, 2) we already LOVE our Prime membership and this was the perfect add-on for us.

The bacon and egg diapers are my current favorite

Being on the journey to becoming debt free I am trying to find things that save us money but also save us time. On this journey time is money. Prime gives us free 2-day shipping, and Amazon family save us 20% on diapers subscriptions, PLUS Exclusive Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family.

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Personal Development-Current Book List

What I am currently reading. I love books and I absolutely love reading however with a newborn in the house this also means that I do not have as much time to sit and read. Insert Audible.

Audiobooks were my lifesaver the last few weeks while pregnant and have been a great way for me to keep up with reading while taking care of a newborn. The two books that I am currently “Reading” are listed below.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

3Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

The reason I love this book so much is that Rachel expresses why there is no need to be perfect throughout motherhood. Guys this is huge especially since this is my first child and all my ideas about motherhood have not been exactly what I pictured! Who would have thought? If you’re interested in reading this book just click on the image above.

Tools and Resources

Anxiety can be scary. Here’s what you can do the next time your student’s anxiety gets out of control. A great resource for students to utilize with or without adult help. Students look at their surroundings and identify items that they can see, hear, feel or smell in order to help them calm down and become more present in the classroom or at home.


Conversation skills are important for all kids to learn! However appropriate conversations topics and how to carry on a conversation can be a difficult skill to learn for some kids.

The product includes conversation starters, brainstorming sheets for what types of topics students would be interested in talking about, what makes a good conversation, and some “what would you?” do situation cards.